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Track Thirteen: The Letter

“You make me believe in fairy tales and dragons, cuz dreams come true.."

Album: "For My Peace" | Track 13: To My Best Friend |

You ever have that friend that when you’re around them, you feel truly relaxed? Like, you can be YOU without judgement, say whatever dumb thing comes to mind, tease mercilessly, and know that you’re loved anyway? You ever have that friend that you laugh with until you feel you’ve developed “six pack abs”, and also cry with until your tear ducts are dry?

I am so lucky to say I have.

“You are always true, get me through so much.”

Life hasn’t always made it easy for us to stay close. Heck, we officially became friends in middle school and went through high school years together into adulthood, through marriage, miscarriage, and other rough adult-ing stuff. People tried to drive a wedge, we almost sabotaged ourselves. We moved away, then close, then away again, and sometimes only see each other for ten minutes for a quick hug. We made other friends, built separate lives, chose to chase time-consuming dreams, etc. And yet… the friendship remained.

I give all the credit to her.

She didn’t have to work hard to be the Proverbs31 woman she is now, but she does.

She didn’t have to accept me and my problems and love me through them, but she did.

She doesn’t have to call me on my crap and keep my perspective in the right place, but she does.

She doesn’t have to be the steady to my crazy and the sane to my scattered, but she is.

She doesn’t have to try, but she does.

“Don’t you know I couldn’t live a day without you here. When life gets cold, I’m a little warmer ‘cuz you’re near…”

So one day, I was able to do one thing I knew would honor her best… I wrote her a song, to have a permanent place on my first album. Honestly, it’s a small gesture for all the therapy sessions, work out dates, patching up my injuries (and making me go to the doctor), the reminders, Bible lessons, quick video calls, just being there and on and on. She’s been my rock, my shoulder to cry on, my biggest cheerleader, and I get the honor to reciprocate. Do we always agree on things? HA. Even in disagreements, though, the true, deep, honest love that we have cultivated through our friendship helps us find the center and stay on track.

“You’re only a call away”

Since moving to Tennessee, I have realized how hard and rare it is to find incredible friends. I have again and again, even though some of them moved away, and I feel so exceedingly blessed. But (unfortunately at times), none of them will ever know me like she does. And I am so thankful for that (and that she won’t tell all my embarrassing stories).

When you listen, I hope this song makes you think of your best friend and smile. If you don’t have that friend yet, BE that friend. Your person will come.

“Relentless Overcomer. Noble Inspiration… My best friend.”

If you're as excited about this track being released as I am, or this letter has touched you in any way, PLEASE donate to the campaign so the album can happen and reach as many people as possible! click here

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