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Since she was just 13 years old, Selah has been writing music, telling stories through her songs.

Now, a decade later, she has officially begun her musical journey, stepping out of her comfort zone to pursue this lifelong passion. With the backing of her amazing crew, Selah travels to perform where she can, whether it be near her current home in East Tennessee, back in her Indiana hometown, or anywhere in between. 

A country/alt rock singer-songwriter, Selah is passionate about creating a soundtrack for every moment of life. 

Covering topics from young fun love and heartbreak to marriage bonds, finding yourself and encouragment, to deeper real-life struggles such as depression and even miscarriage, she writes about her experiences and more as inspiration strikes. An authentic dreamer, she channels the real, raw emotions of life, while striving to maintain both a semblance of hope and the optimism that keeps life moving.

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Join in this adventure and let's see what the future holds - together!

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