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For My Peace: The Letter

I've written a letter for each song so you can feel like you're more a part of this album than any other, that you can relate more deeply and see yourself in the lyrics. I hope that has been the case for you, and also in this summary letter. Tomorrow you get to hear what I've been working on for most of my life, and I can't wait to hear how it has impacted you!

Album: "For My Peace" |

When I sit down to write a song, it is often with a situation in mind, inspired by grief, anger, love, clarity, or whatever other emotion is valid at that time. This album is a compilation of different moments in my life where I’ve either experienced or witnessed different heavy topics of conversation and created a soundtrack for others walking through the same or similar stories.

Track One starts the album out with a fun song about young love, self-discovery, and a fast car.

Track Two jumps to the end of what was actually a toxic relationship filled with infidelity, domestic abuse, and a selfish version of love that destroyed “forever”.

Track Three is more introspective, about taking a step back and figuring out who I wanted to be outside a relationship that had run its course. I like to think of Tracks Two and Three as two different directions and ends of the spectrum after One.

Track Four is about being brave enough to have self-awareness and then making the decision to pursue potential so that in the future, we can be truly proud of the person in the mirror.

In this life, though, right when things start to look up, we often get knocked down again.

Track Five is a heart-wrenching ballad about miscarriage and grieving the loss.

Track Six follows close behind filled with depression and longing for relief from the mind fog plaguing those with mental health troubles.

Track Seven picks up the tone a bit more with the realization that even when dreams are shattered, we can get up and try again.

Track Eight takes the story in another direction with a song about taking a stand and leaving behind verbal and emotional abuse, as well as the perpetrator who has been dragging you down the whole time.

Track Nine takes it a step further and calls out narcissistic behavior and the drama triangle of abuse, and the acceptance that comes with detaching from the cycle. It’s more specific towards children of abuse, and the healing we can choose to create the life we want.

Track Ten wonders if with all the trauma and pain we’ve experienced, if we’re broken beyond repair. The answer is no, but it doesn’t mean that healing is a linear process… it takes time and doubt is normal.

Thankfully, the pain and struggles aren't forever.

Track Eleven starts to pull in a different direction again with a reminder that it’s time to let go of the past, in the form of a breakup song.

Track Twelve reminds that there is real, true, deep, meaningful love out there, and a life partner who can balance you.

Track Thirteen rounds out the tale by giving an anthem to all the genuine friendships we treasure, thanking them for being a rock throughout our story.

I don’t write and release an album like this just for the heck of it. I don’t write songs to attack, or for “shock value”. I write for healing. I write because it helps me process. I write because I’m putting words to a situation or feeling that someone else has also experienced, giving voice to us all. Then, I release the songs in hopes that someone in a similar situation can see the truth and find solace and freedom, hope in their heartache. I create and share music because I know I’m not the only one facing certain life situations. Please, when you listen to this album, do so in order and with open ears to gather the words you need to get through whatever season you’re in. In a way, you're holding a piece of me close, a hug to carry you through. I've released it into the world through your speakers and now it's free.

Life is short, let’s make the most of it. Run for more. Don’t ever stop building the life you dream of, working towards who you want to be, or fighting for your peace.

With love,

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