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Track Twelve: The Letter

“I've been told I have a problem..."

Album: "For My Peace" | Track 12: Whiskey (In A Wine Glass) |

One day, I dropped and broke the last normal glass in my kitchen. But, it was the end of a long day and we were winding down with a couple drinks. So I broke the rules of…whatever…and poured myself a glass of whiskey in my (also last) wine glass, joking to my husband “see? I can drink fire and still make it look classy.” The phrase stuck in my head for a while, but it took me a couple years to develop the song into what it is today. I never thought I’d be able to write a fun love song, but I have, because I have an incredible life partner to inspire and encourage me, no matter what.

“Steady to my fire, slow down to my drive. You love me and the fight and help me walk the line...The word has been redefined.”

Here’s the thing... I am one of those “lucky” girls that married an incredible man. Statistically, I should not have. But amongst all the other guys I’d ever met, there was something genuine that drew me to him, despite all the awkward.

He never once has treated me like a possession, but with respect saying he truly loves my fierceness and independence. He has never made me feel gross or ugly, but tells me I’m beautiful, accepting all my body’s changes with grace. He works hard to make both our dreams come true, without complaint or question of success. He’s faithful and loyal and generous and good, almost to a fault. A man this truly wonderful definitely didn’t need to stay with me and love me so well while I learned how to work through my issues, but he did despite my shortcomings. Honestly… In the beginning I wasn’t the wife I wanted to be and I cringe looking back. Now, we both work hard to keep this marriage strong, but it started with him.

(I feel the urge to pause the sappy moment to acknowledge that he’s also a sarcastic butthole who thinks dad jokes are funny and doesn’t understand that shirts go IN the laundry basket and that you don’t need to wear light hoodies out until they’re literally falling off of you and pizza isn’t meant to be served for every meal… but I digress.)

“Humble extremes, We find the between"

He’s steady and “boring”…….I’m spontaneous and (definitely not) distracted. He’s patient and quick to apologize……I take a minute to get there.

He’s generous and compassionate…..I can be frugal and guarded.

He’s an early bird……I don’t think God created us to be awake before the sun.

He comes off as quiet and shy…..I do not. (RBF, anyone?)

I’m fire, he’s ice, and we balance each other out to find common ground and make life more fun.

That’s what marriage is all about, right?

My favorite line of the song is: “You love even the mess, I never have to hide.” That quality has meant the most to me, through all our “messes.” I’m forever grateful. Without him, I would not be the woman I am today, or be pursuing my passions. So... thanks, Travis. You’re not the worst.

“You're the ice that I'm needing...."

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