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Track One: The Letter

“…One look at you, and all my worries somehow fade. Naivety, now ain’t it a precious thing?”

Years ago, I was a perfect straight-A, academic honor roll student who didn’t dare cross a single line for fear of getting into trouble. Ya know.. “good girl” to a T.

Years ago, I was so locked into who I was told I was supposed to be, that I never considered who I could be, or even that I had a choice.

Then I fell for a boy with a fast car.

…Didn’t know I was capable of anything... but you drove my favorite car.”

We took that car to a back road in the middle of the night and drove faster than I knew was possible. We sped past the harvested cornfields and ran stop signs, flying over railroad tracks, and blasting Brantley Gilbert. It was fun, it was freeing, and even though topping out the speedometer, I never felt freer or safer in a decision. Then I took it one step further and asked to drive.

He stopped the sports car in the middle of county road 1200. The slight breeze caught my hair as I stepped out of the passenger seat into the summer air, the stars shone down with the same peaceful excitement I felt. The boy taught me to do burnouts, we kissed while leaning against the side of that mustang, and for the first time I wasn’t afraid of “getting in trouble.” By the time I got home, I realized life could have adventures.

It was the first time I wanted more out of life than what I was told.

While reminiscing on this one day, I realized that like those few seconds it took to get from 0 to 100, the relationship burned out... and with it, my thoughts of what a “Lady” was supposed to be like compared to who I wanted to be. It woke me up to the possibilities.

“Oh, I thought I was a lady, but your deep grey eyes made me want you, baby... You were my Romeo... Burning out fast, Smile looking back, Like no tomorrow…”