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For My Peace...I want you to know DETAILS

This is a post you’re going to want to read if you love great music and are excited to find out when you can hear more!

13 tracks. Hard-hitting topics. Light-hearted love songs. Soft Grunge Rock with a Symphonic Twist.

“For My Peace.”

Friday. June 9th. 2023. Midnight.

Even more juicy details released early if you click here, INCLUDING a bonus track that I won’t be releasing ANYWHERE except here.

When in the beginning stages of album planning, I was talking to my cousin one day about her thoughts on providing meaning behind the music. I was telling her how excited I was about what I was creating, but want to present it in the most impactful (and fun) way possible! She reminded me to just tell the story, and use my writing skills in a way that make the mission clear. I thought it over, took her advice, and decided to write a series of open letters about each song!

These letters will contain:

· why I wrote the song, and part of the story behind it

· who I had in mind while writing and/or recording

· what I hope the intended audience will take from it

· fun facts (here in the email only!) about the song

· how I healed/grew from the lesson within

· encouragement, cuz that’s part of my brand

Wanna see the song order and when you can expect the letters? Click here!