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For My Peace...I want you to know DETAILS

This is a post you’re going to want to read if you love great music and are excited to find out when you can hear more!

13 tracks. Hard-hitting topics. Light-hearted love songs. Soft Grunge Rock with a Symphonic Twist.

“For My Peace.”

Friday. June 9th. 2023. Midnight.

Even more juicy details released early if you click here, INCLUDING a bonus track that I won’t be releasing ANYWHERE except here.

When in the beginning stages of album planning, I was talking to my cousin one day about her thoughts on providing meaning behind the music. I was telling her how excited I was about what I was creating, but want to present it in the most impactful (and fun) way possible! She reminded me to just tell the story, and use my writing skills in a way that make the mission clear. I thought it over, took her advice, and decided to write a series of open letters about each song!

These letters will contain:

· why I wrote the song, and part of the story behind it

· who I had in mind while writing and/or recording

· what I hope the intended audience will take from it

· fun facts (here in the email only!) about the song

· how I healed/grew from the lesson within

· encouragement, cuz that’s part of my brand

Why the title?

Well.. I can go on forever, but here are the TOP 4 reasons:

1. It’s why I write songs.

“Well that’s why you write, isn’t it? You always feel better after coming back from writing, and get excited when your songs help people.” – My husband, when I pitched the idea

He’s right. I write songs to clear my mind, and determine how I want to move forward. It’s where I am able to step back and find the clarity necessary to process feelings and heal from pain. I write to express feelings, and release what I believe will encourage listeners (you) and inspire growth and understanding.

2. It’s the last line of the hardest song I’ve ever written.

“...But my heart will be okay. Healing and free, fighting for my peace.” – SL

Track 9, which I’ll discuss later, was the hardest song for me to write. The song itself flowed naturally, but the process to get there… that was a different beast. After finishing the first song draft and listening to it back, it hit me that it was going to be a phrase that would carry me through the healing process. (Originally, “For My Peace” was going to be the song title. But then, I realized the next point.)

3. It’s what I’m hoping will come out of this album.

“Part of me may always be a bit broken...but I’m choosing healing.” – SL

While I write to gain peace and closure, my hope is that listening will help you be able to do the same in your life. My hope is that the songs on this album will enable you to look inward and discover what you need to live in peace mentally, emotionally, etc. and find the healing you may desperately need.

3. It’s how I believe we’re called to live, specifically as Christians, but also as humans.

“If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all.” Romans 12:18

The key words there to me is “if possible.” Sometimes it just isn’t. This album addresses this in multiple ways! Where you can, yes, live peaceably with those around you. Build a community of like-minded people that make you better. But sometimes the only peace you can find is in your own mind. Fighting a war in our own mind CAN be won and peace can be a part of your daily life. (See the previous post for more on that)

Like I said, I could go on forever, but these are the top 4 reasons I chose the title!

Wait… did you think I was going to give it ALL away right now? Join my email list, and learn even more about the stories and songs behind it all! (also there’s song previews available to email list members ONLY, soooo….CLICK HERE)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for being here, and a part of this journey!! I know this was a long post, but it's just the start of the journey we're about to take together! Stay tuned and enjoy a new letter every Thursday until RELEASE DAY!

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Definitely have loved being on the email list and hearing more! Thank you for taking the time to do this!

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