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Fan-Funding and You

For My Peace will be our FIRST 13-song album filled with real music for [and from] life's realest moments. Featuring a Symphonic Twist on Soft Grunge Rock, each song is true to its message of hope and healing amongst heartache... but also good times and true love and all that.

Why contribute to an artist’s fan-funding page? SO MANY REASONS! But here are a few:

Contributing your money and energy sharing a project exposes more people to the message being promoted.

Marketing and promotion can be time-consuming and expensive in mass amounts. The mass marketing model of promotion really isn’t as exciting or as personal either. You sharing the exciting updates of a musician, and your excitement about this “new music” that no one else has heard, gets the word out in a unique way.

Contributing helps build momentum on the project.

Financial backing and Social promotion also push the project along faster than inaction. That seems kind of obvious, right? But think about it… nothing great ever happens without the first move being made, and speed is picked up easier than if it’s restarted over and over. Like, it’s easier to build a snowman by making a snowball and rolling it around until it’s picked up enough snow to stack, than if you take several snowballs and make them into a pile. Same concept. Contributing to a project helps gain momentum faster and faster until the dream is fulfilled.

Contributing helps the artist stay encouraged and know they’re moving in the right direction.

Sometimes as artists, especially as a musician, it’s really hard to know if people are receiving your message and love the direction you’re heading in. It can get lonely and frustrating when you’re trying to build a culture of like-minded people loving the music and message of it, when there’s no feedback or support. When you contribute to a campaign like this, you’re telling the artist “hey, I see you! Good work! Let’s make it happen together!”

Honestly, that alone means the world.

Contributing makes a dream come true.

Everyone has a dream. Some dream to make music people love, and others crave a type of music that’ll help be a soundtrack for their lives. Either way, your contribution makes that possible.

Contributing gains you lifetime appreciation.

An artist never forgets those who were there supporting in the beginning, when no one else would. Your impact makes a difference that is forever appreciated, NO MATTER the outcome.

Speaking of impact, here’s a note from Selah on the campaign page:

Have you ever listened to a song that took you back to a moment? When listening to a song, have you ever experienced a mood change, felt inspired or energized, given yourself permission to cry while listening, or felt hope in a moment of despair? If you have, then you have felt the impact of a song written from a place of vulnerability. That is part of what I am trying to share, and what I'm asking you to be a part of. […] Oh, and if you aren't moved by this, just know: I also have included typical fun songs about love, breakups, and a fast car. So there's that!

So what do you say? You curious now?

Check out this link and let’s discuss it!

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