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Crowdfunding Updates!!

“Can't look back, even though I don't know why.

If it's in my soul, then I'm meant to fly"

The purpose of the campaign is to raise funds so that "For My Peace" can be made to the highest quality AND reach as many people as possible! I believe in the message of this album, which is all about overcoming life's hardships in pursuit of who and what we were made to be. The songs on it are sounding SO GOOD, (or as my friend who got an exclusive sneak peek from being on the email list said: "Wow, this actually really slaps!! Not that I doubted you, but WOW!"), and I cannot wait for you to hear them!

More than anything, the more popularity the album can get, the more people will be able to be impacted with the message of hope and healing are possible, even while in the midst of heartache.

“Part of me may always be a bit broken...but my heart will be okay...

I'm not alone...”

how much we've made: $155, or 1% of our goal!

how much is left: $10,845, or 99% of our goal

how you can help

1) You can donate on the website Here, selecting one of the incentive packages I've put together!

2) You can MAKE SOME NOISE and share everything you can about the album, including the crowdfunding landing page!

Every dollar, every share, every bit of engagement.. it helps more than you'll ever know!

And, as a perk, your name will be immortalized in the CD cover credits because I can't do this without you!

“Raw, authentic... [Selah Luke's Music] makes me feel understood, vulnerable, or happy! It's always about real life!" - Alora, via instagram review

When you get the chance to listen to these songs, I hope it fills you with the same sense of joy and excitement that I felt in making it... and the pride you'll feel in knowing that it happened because of you? Unparalleled.

“...Healing and Free, Fighting for My Peace"

Again, PLEASE donate to the campaign so the album can happen and reach as many people as possible! click here to help THANK YOU!!

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